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PFT’s post-offseason program power rankings

Mike Florio and Chris Simms explain why Chris Jones’ absence from minicamp shouldn’t come as a surprise and map out how the Chiefs can compensate the DT more appropriately for his value.

1. Chiefs: The kings of the hill stay there until someone knocks them off.

2. Eagles: They’re the best team in their conference, by far.

3. 49ers: They’d be the best team in the conference (and maybe the league), if they had a high-end quarterback.

4. Bengals: They will continue to bedevil the Chiefs, and potentially win a Super Bowl as soon as this year.

5. Bills: The pressure can’t get much higher to make a deep postseason run. The road gets a little rockier given the Stefon Diggs drama.

6. Jaguars: Get used to the Jags being among the best of the best in the NFL.

7. Dolphins: As Tua goes, so go the Dolphins.

8. Ravens: Big changes are coming to the offense. If it works, the Ravens could win it all.

9. Cowboys: Dak Prescott’s long-term future and Mike McCarthy’s short-term future hover over the franchise.

10. Jets: On paper, everything is on place. Now, they need to do justice to the paper.

11. Lions: Expectations are a bit high for a team that hasn’t won a playoff game since the first Bush administration.

12. Giants: It feels as if a correction could be coming.

13. Chargers: The seat will be blazing hot for Brandon Staley.

14. Steelers: They haven’t finished in last place in their division since 1988. It will take some work to avoid it this year.

15. Vikings: They seem to be taking one step back, in the hopes of taking two steps toward a franchise quarterback.

16. Seahawks: They’re moving in the right direction, and could be a real factor this year.

17. Titans: They’re in a transition from the old-guard roster to a new approach.

18. Packers: They’ll be better without Aaron Rodgers than many believe.

19. Saints: They’re higher than any other team from the NFC South, and they barely made the top 20.

20. Buccaneers: Tommy is gone. That could actually give them a little lift, since it removes plenty of distractions.

21. Patriots: Last year’s disastrous approach to offense did damage that can’t quickly be repaired.

22. Browns: The Browns could go either way this year; much depends on what Deshaun Watson does.

23. Broncos: This is it for Russ. If he stumbles again, he’ll fall right to the bench.

24. Commanders: Too many eggs are in Sam Howell’s basket.

25. Panthers: It could work well with Bryce Young at quarterback, but it likely will take time.

26. Falcons: It all comes down to Desmond Ridder.

27. Raiders: It already feels like it could be another long year.

28. Rams: They have a pretty good chance to be better than they were last year. They can’t be much worse.

29. Bears: The development of Justin Fields as a passer is the thing that can push them into contention.

30. Colts: The revolving door of bad veteran quarterbacks has stopped. They now need Anthony Richardson to develop, quickly.

31. Texans: They’re becoming less dysfunctional. Which technically counts as progress.

32. Cardinals: From 10-2 in the 2021 season to the depths of the league, the fall has been stunning and 100 percent deserved.