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PFT’s Week 14 2023 NFL power rankings

1. 49ers (9-3, last week No. 2): If they can keep their key players healthy, they’ll easily win it all.

2. Eagles (10-2, No. 1): The fifth seed could be their eventual reality.

3. Ravens (9-3, No. 3): With the Chiefs and Jaguars losing, the path to the bye gets a little easier.

4. Dolphins (9-3, No. 5): Circle that Christmas Eve game vs. Dallas.

5. Cowboys (9-3, No. 7): They finally get perhaps their chance to beat the Eagles on Sunday night.

6. Lions (9-3, No. 8): The division is locked up; how high can they climb the seeding tree?

7. Chiefs (8-4, No. 4): Patrick Mahomes might finally play a road playoff game.

8. Jaguars (8-4, No. 6): Can Trevor Lawrence make it back for back-to-back showdowns against the Browns and Ravens?

9. Texans (7-5, No. 11): DeMeco Ryans, coach of the year finalist.

10. Colts (7-5, No. 13): Shane Steichen, coach of the year finalist.

11. Bills (6-6, No. 14): If they work their way to the postseason, they could be dangerous.

12. Packers (6-6, No. 16): Where are all the people who wanted to pull the plug on Jordan Love?

13. Rams (6-6, No. 17): The Lions don’t want the Rams to roll into Ford Field in January.

14. Broncos (6-6, No. 10): With all the other quarterback injuries, keeping Russell Wilson healthy could be the key to getting to the playoffs.

15. Browns (7-5, No. 12): That might have been the franchise’s worst road trip since it moved to Baltimore.

16. Steelers (7-5, No. 9): Oh, mama, I’m in fear for my playoff life.

17. Bengals (6-6, No. 20): Jake Browning is suddenly playing like Joe Burrow.

18. Seahawks (6-6, No. 15): With the 49ers and Eagles up next, the hole could get even deeper.

19. Falcons (6-6, No. 18): That win over the Jets felt like a loss.

20. Vikings (6-6, No. 19): Will Justin Jefferson make the quarterback, whoever it is, play better?

21. Saints (5-7, No. 21): They aren’t done yet, but it’s getting closer.

22. Buccaneers (5-7, No. 23): Of the three NFC South contenders, the Bucs could be the best suited to win a wild-card game.

23. Raiders (5-7, No. 22): Antonio Pierce is running out of chances to coach his way into the permanent job.

24. Chargers (5-7, No. 24): Given all the AFC quarterback injuries, how are the Chargers and Justin Herbert not in better position?

25. Bears (4-8, No. 25): Can they finish what they started two weeks ago against the Lions?

26. Titans (4-8, No. 26): A day of special-teams miscues might have been the final nail for the 2023 Titans.

27. Giants (4-8, No. 27): They’re finding a way to make a disaster somewhat less disastrous.

28. Cardinals (3-10, No. 30): They’re laying the foundation to contend next year.

29. Jets (4-8, No. 28): If they continue to mishandle the balance of 2023, it’s going to put a much darker cloud over 2024.

30. Commanders (4-9, No. 29): The dust ups continue, even without Jack Del Rio in the nation’s capital.

31. Patriots (2-10, No. 31): Half-empty stadium, nearly-empty cupboard. Fortunately for the Pats, they still have a fully-stocked trophy case.

32. Panthers (1-11, No. 32): “First team eliminated” was not on the David Tepper to-do list for 2023.