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PFT’s Week 17 2021 NFL power rankings

The Dolphins become the first NFL team to have a seven-game win streak and a seven-game losing streak in the same season, which leads Mike Florio and Chris Simms to explore how they turned their season around.

1. Packers (12-3, last week No. 1): It’s not always pretty, but the outcome could be very sweet for Green Bay.

2. Chiefs (11-4, No. 2): Maybe they needed to bottom out before they could start climbing again.

3. Rams (11-4, No. 3): Elite teams win road games in which their quarterbacks throw three interceptions.

4. Cowboys (11-4, No. 4): The slump that Dak Prescott wasn’t in is now over.

5. Buccaneers (11-4, No. 6): The injuries keep piling up. Can they keep winning despite them?

6. Titans (10-5, No. 9): That win against the 49ers serves as a reminder of how dangerous this team can be.

7. Colts (9-6, No. 7): A dome team perhaps has the best chance of winning in the elements in the postseason.

8. Bills (9-6, No. 11): They’ve finally realized that they need to let Josh Allen carry the offense.

9. Bengals (9-6, No. 12): Beat the Chiefs, and everyone will be on notice about these Bengals.

10. Patriots (9-6, No. 5): They like to take away what the other team does best on offense. The last two weeks, they haven’t had the ability to implement their plan.

11. Cardinals (10-5, No. 8): Could Kliff Kingsbury actually end up back on the hot seat?

12. 49ers (8-7, No. 10): For better or worse, it’s time to see what Trey Lance can do.

13. Dolphins (8-7, No. 16): They could be very dangerous, if they get to the playoffs.

14. Eagles (8-7, No. 19): This could be a team that other NFC teams won’t want to face in January.

15. Ravens (8-7, No. 13): John Harbaugh has done a great job coaching this team through adversity, but the adversity is getting to be a little too much.

16. Chargers (8-7, No. 14): The “go for it” debates are quite possibly a useful distraction from more fundamental flaws in L.A.

17. Browns (7-8, No. 17): That difficult decision about what to do with Baker Mayfield is becoming less difficult.

18. Vikings (7-8, No. 15): Finally, they didn’t blow a lead. (They didn’t have a lead to blow.)

19. Raiders (8-7, No. 24): Could Rich Bisaccia coach his way into the full-time job?

20. Steelers (7-7-1, No. 18): They don’t belong in the playoffs, even though they could still get there.

21. Saints (7-8, No. 20): COVID may keep the Saints in quarantine for the playoffs.

22. Falcons (7-8, No. 23): The fact that they’re still in shouting distance of .500 is remarkable.

23. Broncos (7-8, No. 21): Vic Fangio has done enough to stick around for another year.

24. Washington (6-9, No. 22): They showed more fight on the sidelines than they did on the field.

25. Bears (5-10, No. 28): Maybe Nick Foles should have been the starter all along.

26. Seahawks (5-10, No. 25): Next year’s Seahawks could be unrecognizable in comparison to this year’s team.

27. Panthers (5-10, No. 26): The paying customers want change. Does the owner?

28. Texans (4-11, No. 30): The gang that couldn’t tank straight continues to screw up their draft position with meaningless late-season wins.

29. Jets (4-11, No. 31): Zach Wilson has finally given a glimpse of what he can do.

30. Giants (4-11, No. 27): All members of team ownership should get out of the front office and just be fans.

31. Lions (2-12-1, No. 29): A strong offseason could make them a contender by next year.

32. Jaguars (2-13, No. 32): They seem destined to make another mistake with their next coaching year.