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PFT’s Week Six 2021 power rankings

Peter King and Paul Burmeister dive into the most important action from Week 5, including Lamar Jackson's stunning Monday night performance and Mason Crosby's shocking misses, and pick out the best teams so far.

1. Bills (4-1, last week No. 1): There’s currently a gap between the Bills and everyone else.

2. Cardinals (5-0, No. 2): The last unbeaten team still has work to do to get to the very top of the list.

3. Buccaneers (4-1, No. 3): That loss to the Rams was more of a blip than it appeared at the time.

4. Ravens (4-1, No. 4): The Ravens discovered their passing game, by necessity. That could take the offense, and the team, to new heights.

5. Rams (4-1, No. 5): They’re still the best team in L.A., but the gap is getting narrower.

6. Packers (4-1, No. 6): Truly good teams win the games that they keep trying to lose.

7. Cowboys (4-1, No. 11): The team that used to be America’s Team is on the verge of becoming America’s Team again.

8. Chargers (4-1, No. 8): If they keep this up, they may actually develop a home-field advantage. Eventually.

9. Browns (3-2, No. 7): They could be 5-0. They may be, by Sunday night, 3-3.

10. Bengals (3-2, No. 13): Even in a loss, the Bengals showed that they belong.

11. Chiefs (2-3, No. 10): They’ve lost three games to teams with a combined record of 12-3. They’ll be fine, in time.

12. Saints (3-2, No. 16): If they’re ever going to make their move, now is the time to do it. (After the bye week.)

13. Panthers (3-2, No. 12): That hot start feels like a long time ago.

14. Titans (3-2, No. 20): Derrick Henry continues to be sneaky great value play for NFL MVP, because he quite possibly is the most valuable player in the league.

15. Raiders (3-2, No. 9): We’ll find out soon whether the resignation of Jon Gruden helps or hurts a franchise at a clear crossroads.

16. Vikings (2-3, No. 18): You like that? No. Not really.

17. Patriots (2-3, No. 19): The Pats are staring at 0-4 at home, when the Cowboys visit on Sunday.

18. Seahawks (2-3, No. 14): Geno Smith is a bit underrated, but he’s still nowhere close to being Russell Wilson.

19. Bears (3-2, No. 22): A 3-2 start isn’t bad, considering that everyone acts like they’re 0-5.

20. 49ers (2-3, No. 15): When do seats start getting hot?

21. Steelers (2-3, No. 24): The Steelers can be competitive as long as Big Ben knows when to pull the plug on a given play.

22. Eagles (2-3, No. 25): They’ll get bumped a lot higher if they steal one from the Bucs.

23. Broncos (3-2, No. 17): That 3-0 start was a mirage, after all.

24. Falcons (2-3, No. 26): They’re in better shape through five games than anyone would have expected.

25. Washington (2-3, No. 21): Ryan Fitzpatrick can’t get back soon enough.

26. Giants (1-4, No. 23): Troy Aikman was right.

27. Colts (1-4, No. 27): They still can make things interesting in the AFC South.

28. Dolphins (1-4, No. 28): Brian Flores quietly may be inching toward a chance to go back to New England.

29. Jets (1-4, No. 29): One step forward, five steps back.

30. Texans (1-4, No. 30): At least they’re still trying.

31. Lions (0-5, No. 31): Dan Campbell will inspire this team to win, if the team can get him some good players.

32. Jaguars (0-5, No. 32): The 250/250 thing underscores how little Urban Meyer understands about life in the NFL.