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Replay system could flip from reviewable plays to non-reviewable plays


Ever since the NFL first embraced replay review, the league created a list of reviewable plays. All plays not on the list were not reviewable. Come Wednesday, the NFL could be flipping that presumption.

Per a source with knowledge of the discussions, momentum is building for the establishment of a clear list of non-reviewable plays, with all other plays and outcomes reviewable.

That’s the proposal submitted by the Ravens, and that’s the proposal that could end up carrying at least 24 votes when discussions conclude on Wednesday.

Having a list of reviewable plays has resulted in periodic embarrassments for the league, with clearly erroneous calls not subject to review -- and with the NFL inevitably expanding the list of reviewable plays to include in future years the play that previously wasn’t on the list. Under Baltimore’s proposal, the league would identify the specific plays that can’t be reviewed, with all others subject to the current review process.

The Ravens have proposed that all calls are subject to review except offensive or defensive holding, offensive or defensive pass interference, illegal contact, illegal use of hands, whether a forward passer has been forcibly contacted, whether a defenseless receiver has been forcibly contacted, whether a kicker has been forcibly contacted, and unsportsmanlike conduct.