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Rex Ryan, Lord of the “F” Bombs

As a practical matter, real life is rated “R”. In locker rooms, board rooms, and even court rooms, profane language routinely peppers the conversation.

Football coaches are notorious for letting the expletives fly. But few have ever been as brazen about it in the presence of cameras as Jets coach Rex Ryan.

A portion of last night’s debut episode of Hard Knocks has migrated to YouTube (we’re told that the entire premiere episode soon will be posted at and, presumably with ample bleeping). In the 130-second clip, Ryan drops a grand total of six “F” bombs.

Here they all are, delivered during an introductory team meeting.

1. On Darrelle Revis, “He’s pretty f--king good.”

2. “It’s about leading the league in f--king wins.”

3. “If we play at our best, we will beat every team in this f--king league playing at their best.”

4. “Last year, hey, we were under the radar, that’s a good place to be. F--k that!”

5. “We know we’re better than you. We don’t give a f--k if you know it or not.”

6. “We’re gonna beat the f--k out of you.”

As one league source said even before the debut episode of Hard Knocks aired, “That franchise is the WWF.” Actually, it’s sounding more like The Sopranos.