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Ryan Fitzpatrick recalls getting snubbed for a handshake after beating Tom Brady

Chris Simms plays a solo round of Which Doesn't Belong and Why, comparing quarterbacks who were also drafted by MLB teams, second-year QBs entering a make-or-break season and more.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has done a lot in his lengthy NFL career, including starting at quarterback for a whopping nine different teams. But one memory sticks out for Fitzpatrick: Beating Tom Brady, and getting snubbed afterward.

Asked on the ESPN+ show America’s Caddie what his favorite NFL memory is, Fitzpatrick mentioned beating Brady in 2011, when Fitzpatrick was with the Bills, and then beating him again with the Jets.

“Beating Tom Brady, after the first time, because after the first time he didn’t shake my hand,” Fitzpatrick said, via “I was on the Jets [for the second win, four years later], and I had to chase him down on the 50-yard line.”

Fitzpatrick beat Brady a total of three times, once with each of the Patriots’ three AFC East rivals, and he said Brady is extremely competitive -- and extremely unhappy when he loses.

“Apparently, he hates losing more than everybody else hates losing,” Fitzpatrick said. “When he does lose, I want a handshake.”

This isn’t the first time Brady refusing a handshake has come up. Brady has previously insisted that he wasn’t intentionally snubbing Nick Foles despite failing to shake his hand after losses to Foles’ teams.

“I try to be a good sport as best I can,” Brady said when asked about the Foles snub. “I know it doesn’t always look like that, because sometimes I get a little pissed out there, but for the most part I try to be a good sport.”