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Sean Payton confirms that he has spoken with Broncos

Mike Florio and Peter King discuss the valuable lessons being learned from Damar Hamlin's medical emergency, and praise New Orleans Saints owner Gayle Benson for her generous donation to local communities.

On or after January 17, the Broncos will conduct an in-person interview with former Saints coach Sean Payton. Appearing Sunday on Fox, Payton confirmed the news.

He also said that he already has spoken with the owner of the Broncos.

“Denver’s the first team, and I was able to have a conversation with their owner -- and that’s kind of the protocol,” Payton said. “So it’ll go team to Saints, and then the interview process can’t officially begin until the 17th of this month. . . . So that’s really where it’s at.”

The league decided that Payton won’t be available for in-person interviews until January 17th, because he’s considered to be a current employee of the Saints -- even though he really isn’t.

It remains to be seen where he’ll coach next. Payton was asked whether any team is off the board, including teams in the division (e.g., the Panthers).

“I don’t think that’s the case,” Payton said.

Which means Payton is potentially in play, in places well beyond Colorado.