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Sharper says Saints aren’t dirty, but “a little grimy”

With the Saints sending quarterback Kurt Warner woozy into retirement a week and a day before turning Brett Favre’s leg and foot a deeper shade of purple than his helmet, the Saints are now being faced with the accusation that they play dirty on defense.

Safety Darren Sharper addressed the subject on Wednesday.

“We don’t know if we want to call ourselves dirty,” Sharper said. "[I]t is like taking a shower when you get up in the morning and are going to cut your grass. You are nice and fresh when you cut the grass, but at the end you have a little griminess to you. We want to call ourselves a little grimy; not dirty all the way, but just maybe a little grimy. That is how we like to play.”

So, presumably, Peyon Manning’s ass will be the grass on Sunday, and Sharper and his teammates will be pushing the lawnmower.