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Signs point strongly to Jared Goff as the first pick


Immediately after the Rams traded up from No. 15 to No. 1 in the draft, it seemed that the Rams would select quarterback Carson Wentz. Ultimately, conflicting reports emerged regarding whether the Rams would take Wentz or quarterback Jared Goff -- and that’s perhaps exactly what the Rams wanted.

As time has passed, a very strong sense has emerged that Goff will indeed be the selection. The decision of the Eagles, who reportedly covet Wentz not Goff, to move to No. 2 suggests strongly that the Eagles know that Goff will be the pick in Los Angeles. Perhaps the only thing that would keep that from happening at this point would be Goff figuratively (or literally) being hit by a bus between now and Thursday night.

The clearest sign that Goff will be the guy comes from Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times, who reported after the trade that the Rams were “targeting” Wentz. Farmer has since done a 180.

“Although I first thought the Rams’ pick was Carson Wentz, I believe I misread the signs,” Farmer said Sunday on Twitter. “Mark me down for Jared Goff.”

Mark me down for Goff, too. If Farmer now believes it, that’s good enough for me.