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At a time when Browns coach Romeo Crennel is publicly hinting that something happened and Browns quarterback Brady Quinn is privately insisting that nothing occurred, Browns tight end Darnell Dinkins said on WQAL-AM that an altercation indeed occurred last week between defensive lineman Shaun Smith and Quinn -- and that Quinn has a mark on his face to show for it. We’ve separately heard from a source with knowledge of the situation that, indeed, Smith and Quinn got into it. Here are the details that have been shared with us. The incident occurred during a weightlifting session on Monday, December 15 Tuesday, December 16. [Editor’s note: Our source told us it was the day after the game, and we forgot the Browns played on Monday night.] After a verbal altercation, between the two, Smith punched Quinn in the face. And, as Dinkins said, we’re told Quinn has a mark on his face. Teammates then intervened and pulled the players apart. While being separated, Smith threw a ten-pound weight at Quinn. The weight did not strike Quinn. That said, Quinn continues to claim privately that nothing happened. Smith didn’t practice last week due to a supposed calf injury and didn’t play on Sunday, but the tea leaves suggest that the whole thing was aimed at suspending Smith with pay without having to disclose that yet another wheel have flown off the team’s wagon. Further proof that the team is merely trying to keep things quiet? WQAL reportedly was prohibited by its parent company, CBS Radio, from replaying the audio of Dinkins’ interview. UPDATE: Apparently, Dinkins is now claiming that he didn’t say that a fight occurred, and Quinn is claiming that he has no mark on his face. Quinn could be speaking out about the situation soon.