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Sunday’s games featured “several” communications issues

On the surface, it seemed as if there were no issues with communications systems during Sunday’s 13 Week One games. Primarily because no coaches indicated without indicating concerns about the hardware at any specific stadium.

Despite the absence of NFL head coaches calling out other teams during press conferences or otherwise, problems indeed arose on Sunday.
“There were several communications issues yesterday as normal,” a league spokesman told PFT on Monday. “We are following up with the clubs.”

Communications problems are common. So common that it’s hard not to wonder whether the NFL doesn’t simply get rid of the communications systems entirely -- or at least bring back the hard-wired system as a backup to the fluky wireless devices.

Regardless, no specific team has a monopoly on these issues, and the NFL remains in charge of all in-stadium communications systems. Absent evidence that these issues are specific to one venue and/or that there is any reason to suspect foul play, the happenstance needs to stay in the “sh-t happens” category.

Except when it provides a convenient diversion to the inexplicable failure to even attempt to cover one of the best tight ends the game has ever seen.