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The Jets have no good options at quarterback

The Jets have a quarterback problem. The Jets do not have a viable quarterback solution.

Since losing Aaron Rodgers only 14 days ago with a ruptured Achilles tendon, the Jets — after somehow beating the Bills — have lost to the Cowboys and the Patriots with Zach Wilson at quarterback.

Every Jets fan wants the team to do something. As explained on last night’s Football Night in America just as the uproar was commencing, there’s not much that can be done.

There is no viable free-agent option. Carson Wentz? Give me a freaking break. Matt Ryan? He had all four legs in the glue factory last year, with all due respect. Tom Brady? He’s not interested in playing, and he definitely wouldn’t want to play behind that line.

Also, anyone who would show up tomorrow would need time to learn the offense and get ready to play. It’s the equivalent of changing a tire on a moving car. Even when the car is barely sputtering in first gear, it’s not easy to do.

Some keep throwing around the idea of trading for Kirk Cousins. With what? The non-existent first-round and second-round picks that remain tied up in the playing-time condition of the Aaron Rodgers trade? And why would the Vikings throw in the towel on their season after three games?

Teams who have backups need their backups. Teams who have a third guy who could be sent to New York would want a premium that the Jets aren’t in a position to surrender.

Even then, the new quarterback would have to get up to speed.

That was what the first six weeks of the regular season were supposed to be for Rodgers. Getting him and everyone else up to speed in an offense designed specifically for him. Now, they’ve had to pivot back to Wilson.

Then there’s the offensive line. It has not been good. If Rodgers hadn’t been injured two weeks ago, would he have survived against the Cowboys? The Patriots? Will he have survived against the Chiefs?

The blocking has not been good. The running game has been dreadful. It all ties together on offense.

Which means that, for the Jets to steal another win before their Week 7 bye (most likely, at Denver in 13 days), they’ll need to hope the defense can play basically a perfect game. In any game the defense doesn’t, the Jets will likely be screwed.