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Third quarterback rule, onside kick alternatives among proposed rules changes by NFL teams

Chris Simms unveils which defensive line players he selected for his 2022 NFL All-Pro team, from Chris Jones to Micah Parsons and more.

There was word this weekend that a team was proposing making roughing the passer penalties subject to review and that’s not the only change being proposed this offseason.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that the Rams were the team to make that roughing proposal and that a handful of other proposals are on the table for the Competition Committee and league to consider. They include a reprise of the proposal for an onside kick alternative.

The NFL tabled discussion on proposals to allow teams to try a fourth-and-15 play rather than an onside kick in the past and Maske reports that it is up for discussion again. The XFL has implemented the rule and St. Louis pulled off a conversion to propel themselves to a win this season.

Also up for consideration are a return of the rule allowing teams to dress a third quarterback for use in an emergency. That was expected after the 49ers were down to no healthy quarterbacks in their NFC Championship Game loss to the Eagles.

There is also a proposal regarding the number of challenges available to a team that is successful in the ones they make during a game, but no particulars of that proposal are currently available.