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Tom Brady to Titans rumor debunked

Twins Devin and Jason McCourty, wearing custom pepperoni pizza shirts, talk with Peter King about the Patriots' dynasty, Tom Brady's future, and more.

A rumor has been making the rounds, with some fairly high-level people participating in the mongering of it, that Gisele Bundchen, wife of Patriots (for now) quarterback Tom Brady, has been checking out schools in the Nashville area. The rumor fueled a potential connection between Brady and the Titans, whose head coach (Mike Vrabel) is a former teammate and current friend of the six-time Super Bowl champion.

Via Terry McCormick of, the rumor isn’t true.

A Nashville attorney named Blair Dunham claims that the rumor started because the wife of former Titans offensive lineman Steve Hutchinson was touring the Montgomery Bell Academy. Dunham said Monday on WNSR-AM 560 that his son, who attends Montgomery Bell Academy, was told that a student was informed that the school’s admissions director was “meeting with a Hall of Famer.” The student saw Hutchinson’s wife, a tall blonde, and the student mistakenly assumed that Hutchinson’s wife was Bundchen.

The story, which is at best based on second-hand information, is goofy enough to be plausible. But the rumor had gotten fairly rampant, and it may be too late for the truth (if that is the truth) to get its foot into the top of a pants leg.

Brady remains on track to be a free agent in March, allowing him to sign with the Titans or any other team -- unless he re-signs with the Patriots before hitting the market.

UPDATE 11:23 p.m. ET: Titans reporters Paul Kuharsky, who is clearly irritated by this story and wants people to quit talking about it, claims that Hutchinson’s wife was not at the school. Which, whether Kuharsky realizes it or not, puts the Gisele rumor back in play.