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Toronto Councillor admits he had no clue what he was talking about regarding Saints


One day after suggesting the Saints were on a short list of possible teams that could relocate to Toronto, Councillor Doug Ford apologized, admitting he was speaking out of his ass out of turn.

“It was more a comment made off the cuff,” Ford said via the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Ford, the brother of Toronto’s mayor, hinted he took grief from his brother for mentioning the Saints. Ford admitted he had bad information.

“We were like, ‘New Orleans? No way!’ ” Ford said. “But it was rumor that had it, it was just a rumor, and I should have been more careful with rumors. I apologize to all of the folks in New Orleans and Louisiana.”

Ford said the Saints are not in fact on Toronto’s “short list” for potential franchises and he never should have said anything. Apparently, he’s heard from plenty of Saints fans since his mistake.

“Have they put me on the most-wanted list down there?” he said.