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Travis Kelce to Ja’Marr Chase: Don’t you ever disrespect Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs and Bengals have gone back and forth the past two seasons, quickly becoming one of the league’s best rivalries. They now are going back and forth off the field, adding fuel to their rivalry.

It started innocently enough when Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow called Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes the best quarterback in the league. Burrow adding he doesn’t “think there’s any argument right now.”

Apparently there is.

Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase backed his quarterback as the best in the league but added “Pat who?” when told that Burrow had tabbed Mahomes. Chase intended it tongue in cheek, but Mahomes and the Chiefs took offense.

After the Chiefs’ Super Bowl ring ceremony last week, Mahomes tweeted a photo of himself wearing his two Super Bowl rings with the declaration: “That’s who.”

During their “New Heights” podcast, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and his brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, discussed the beef.

“I thought it was a little bold,” Travis Kelce said, via Charles Goldman of USA Today. “[Mahomes is] a two-time league MVP, two-time Super Bowl MVP. To say ‘Pat who’ is like. . .”

“It’s a little disrespectful,” Jason Kelce piped in. “Pat didn’t like it.”

Jason Kelce went on to describe Mahomes’ tweet directed at Chase.

“It is what it is, dog,” Travis Kelce said. “Who doesn’t love some good locker room banter, man? Shoutout to Ja’Marr Chase for holding it down for his QB, but don’t you ever disrespect Pat Mahomes now. If you want to talk your shit, talk your shit, pimp. Just better back it up.”

It will be awhile before the two teams play: They are scheduled for a Dec. 31 game in Kansas City. But it surely isn’t enough time for the trash talk between the two teams to be forgotten.