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Week 15 power rankings


1. Seahawks (12-2; last week No. 1): Sunday’s game at MetLife Stadium would have been a good dress rehearsal for the Super Bowl, if an NFL team had actually shown up to face the Seahawks.

2. Broncos (11-3; No. 2): The Broncos may be the best team in NFL history that no one believes will win in the playoffs.

3. Panthers (10-4; No. 6): It’s a two-week season, with the No. 2 seed on the line.

4. Patriots (10-4; No. 3): When it comes to throwing an interception with the game on the line, Tony Romo was in good company on Sunday.

5. Saints (10-4; No. 4): From likely No. 2 seed to possible No. 6 seed, all in one miserable Missouri afternoon.

6. 49ers (10-4; No. 7): When the playoffs come, the 49ers will be Vernon Davis and the Seahawks will be the wall.

7. Chiefs (11-3; No. 8): As the offense keeps getting better, the defense keeps getting worse.

8. Ravens (8-6; No. 11): Great teams find a way to win in December.

9. Eagles (8-6; No. 9): The Eagles would have been better off if the roof at the Metrodome had busted. Again.

10. Cardinals (9-5; No. 10): Five years after nine wins got them to the Super Bowl, 10 wins won’t get them to the playoffs.

11. Bengals (9-5; No. 5): In three hours on Sunday night, they went from possible playoff bye to possibly saying bye to the playoffs.

12. Bears (8-6; No. 12): The quarterback situation has helped distract attention from the horrible defense.

13. Colts (9-5; No. 14): Does beating the Texans still count as an actual win?

14. Packers (7-6-1; No. 15): So who’ll overpay Matt Flynn in March and bench him in August?

15. Dolphins (8-6; No. 16): Another week, another signature win for the quarterback Mike Shanahan supposedly wanted to take in 2012.

16. Chargers (7-7; No. 17): Ryan Mathews finally is becoming the guy no one ever thought he’d stay healthy long enough to be.

17. Cowboys (7-7; No. 13): Peyton Manning says whoever wrote the “Tony Romo is a great fourth-quarter quarterback” narrative can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

18. Rams (6-8; No. 20): The Rams have become incredibly consistent at being inconsistent.

19. Steelers (6-8; No. 23): Other teams may not take the Steelers seriously. The Bengals now do.

20. Lions (7-7; No. 18): Talented-but-underachieving teams find a way to lose in December.

21. Jets (6-8; No. 19): Unlike the Panthers, the Jets don’t have a weak link. They have several.

22. Bills (5-9; No. 26): Don’t worry, Bills fans. In just two weeks, you can start crafting unrealistic expectations all over again.

23. Jaguars (4-10; No. 21): Loss to the Bills notwithstanding, the Jags have a bright future. Especially in a dim division.

24. Titans (5-9; No. 22): CEO Tommy Smith says the team isn’t in the losing business. Perhaps it’s technically known as the not winning business.

25. Giants (5-9; No. 24): The New York Super Bowl curse? Host the game, get both of the local coaches fired

26. Vikings (4-9-1; No. 28): Josh Freeman gets $166,000 per week to do nothing. The rest of us get much less for the same effort.

27. Buccaneers (4-10; No. 25): The game against the 49ers was much closer than the score would suggest. And I’m not saying that because I picked the Bucs to win. OK, I am.

28. Browns (4-10; No. 27): Did anyone really expect the Factory of Sadness to shut down during the holiday season?

29. Falcons (4-10; No. 30): When the Redskins failed to convert that two-point conversion, the Falcons lost their shot at Jadeveon Clowney.

30. Raiders (4-10; No. 29): Welcome to Oakland, Johnny Manziel.

31. Redskins (3-11; No. 31): The Rams greatly appreciate Mike Shanahan’s decision to go for two. Maybe enough to hire Kyle as offensive coordinator.

32. Texans (2-12; No. 32): Show up on Sunday, Texans fans, to see the Sportsman of the Year quarterback who wanted to play in Houston.