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Week 15 power rankings

The Eagles may have the better record, but the Patriots' Week 15 win over the Steelers puts New England firmly atop the PFT Power Rankings.

1. Patriots (11-3; last week No. 2): Situational football once again puts the Patriots in a prime situation.

2. Eagles (12-2; No. 3): Barely beating the Giants hardly means that all is well with Wentz gone.

3. Steelers (11-3; No. 1): Little brother had a chance to beat big brother in ping pong, and little brother choked when up 20-19. Again.

4. Vikings (11-3; No. 4): Can a coach and a quarterback with limited playoff experience win against a coach and a quarterback with plenty? That question could be answered in the divisional round.

5. Jaguars (10-4; No. 5): Most impressive accomplishment this year? Making two-tone helmets look good.

6. Panthers (10-4; No. 6): Mark Cuban may want to reconsider not being interested in buying the team if it wins the Super Bowl.

7. Saints (10-4; No. 7): Arguably the best team in the conference may not win its division.

8. Rams (10-4; No. 8): If the Rams that showed up in Seattle show up in the playoffs, they’ll be showing up in the Super Bowl.

9. Falcons (9-5; No. 11): Matt Ryan would very much like you to get properly lined up, please.

10. Ravens (8-6; No. 12): They can’t wait for a chance to keep the Steelers from losing to the Patriots in the AFC title game.

11. Cowboys (8-6; No. 13): Zeke is back, and the window is open for an unlikely playoff berth. The Eagles are surely hoping they don’t slide through it.

12. Chiefs (8-6; No. 18): They can win the division, but can they win in the playoffs?

13. Seahawks (8-6; No. 9): Sometimes when it ends, it ends suddenly. And shockingly. And violently.

14. Chargers (7-7; No. 10): They worked and worked and worked to get themselves to a game that meant everything. And then they blew it.

15. Lions (8-6; No. 17): The dream of ending 26 years without a playoff win continues. Somehow.

16. Bills (8-6; No. 15): The dream of ending 18 years without a playoff appearance continues. Somehow.

17. Titans (8-6; No. 14): The dream of winning on the road against a pair of subpar NFC West teams is unfulfilled.

18. Packers (7-7; No. 16): They should use the next two games to get Brett Hundley some extra reps in advance of next year’s Aaron Rodgers injury.

19. Dolphins (6-8; No. 19): Jay Cutler learned how hard it is to light a December cigarette outdoors in Buffalo.

20. Raiders (6-8; No. 20): Gene Steratore’s white sheet of paper could lead to Jack Del Rio’s pink slip.

21. Jets (5-9; No. 21): With a few right moves, the Jets could be a contender. Eventually.

22. Cardinals (6-8; No. 22): With a few right moves, the Cardinals could be a contender. Eventually.

23. Washington (6-8; No. 23): If they’d made a few right moves, they’d be a contender.

24. Broncos (5-9; No. 27): They’re a great quarterback away from being a great team, again.

25. 49ers (4-10; No. 25): They’re everything that goes around a great quarterback from being great, again.

26. Bengals (5-9; No. 24): Marvin Lewis knows what he’ll be doing. Based on his demeanor from Monday, he seems to know he’ll finally be exiting Cincinnati.

27. Bears (4-10; No. 26): Losing the regular-season home finale to a winless team would be the best way to put a giant red bow on another very bad season.

28. Buccaneers (4-10; No. 28): They showed plenty of fight on Monday night, which makes sense; they wanted to impress their next coach.

29. Texans (4-10; No. 29): If Deshaun Watson stays healthy, 2018 should be a fascinating season in the AFC South.

30. Colts (3-11; No. 30): If Andrew Luck gets healthy, 2018 should be a fascinating season in the AFC South.

31. Giants (2-12; No. 31): There are few moral victories. There are few victories, too.

32. Browns (0-14; No. 32): Hue Jackson says he’s not running from the Browns. Cleveland fans have bought him track shoes, a heart monitor, and a compass.