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Week 15 power rankings

Saints coach Sean Payton says he was catching some heat from the local butcher for some of his play-calling decisions in the loss to the 49ers.

1. Ravens (11-2; last week No. 1): The best evidence of a great team is the ability to win when not playing at their best (and to shotgun a beer while doing it).

2. 49ers (11-2; No. 4): Giving up 46 points is cause for concern, but when able to score 48 it doesn’t ultimately matter.

3. Saints (10-3; No. 3): Sean Payton immediately apply for trademark protection on “worry about your meat.”

4. Seahawks (10-3; No. 2): They may not be the best team in the league, but they’re capable of beating whichever team it is.

5. Chiefs (9-4; No. 8): Who better to challenge the Ravens than the team that has beaten them in each of the last two regular seasons?

6. Packers (10-3; No. 7): The wins are lackluster, but they just keep winning.

7. Patriots (10-3; No. 5): Apparently, they were “on to Cincinnati” a week too early.

8. Vikings (9-4; No. 10): The table is set . . . for Kirk Cousins to vomit all over it.

9. Titans (8-5; No. 12): Forget about a wild card; the Titans are suddenly in great position to win the division.

10. Steelers (8-5; No. 11): The whole continues to be much greater than the sum of the parts.

11. Rams (8-5; No. 13): Did they wait too long to put Todd Gurley’s knee at risk?

12. Bills (9-4; No. 9): A playoff berth could hinge on a Week 17 win against the Jets.

13. Texans (8-5; No. 6): A signature win over the Patriots, followed by the kind of showing that will get Cal McNair thinking about putting his signature on multiple pink slips.

14. Bears (7-6; No. 15): The chances of making it to the 2019 playoffs are slim, but there’s real hope for 2020.

15. Buccaneers (6-7; No. 18): They’re going to achieve just enough to give Jameis Winston a chance to underachieve again in 2020.

16. Eagles (6-7; No. 20): If they suffer many more injuries, it could be time to bring back Vince Papale.

17. Browns (6-7; No. 19): Even when they win, it feels like they lose.

18. Cowboys (6-7; No. 14): Does the fairytale include getting the Rams at the worst possible time?

19. Broncos (5-8; No. 22): Drew Lock may be in the process of saving John Elway.

20. Raiders (6-7; No. 16): A divorce three years in the making finally arrives on Sunday.

21. Colts (6-7; No. 17): Remember those “they’re better off without Andrew Luck” takes?

22. Chargers (5-8; No. 24): Maybe Austin Ekeler will be the guy holding out next year.

23. Jets (5-8; No. 23): Sam Darnold is to Mitch Trubisky as Lamar Jackson is to Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

24. Falcons (4-9; No. 26): Could Dan Quinn be saving his job?

25. Panthers (5-8; No. 21): Another year, another second-half collapse.

26. Jaguars (4-9; No. 25): They’re 9-20 over the past two years, which is bad news for anyone currently employed on the coaching staff or in the front office.

27. Washington (3-10; No. 27): If this were any other team, there would be reason for optimism.

28. Lions (3-9-1; No. 28): The only question left is whether ownership will clean house.

29. Dolphins (3-10; No. 29): Should they be mad that they got screwed out of a win, or grateful that they picked up a loss without having to tank for it?

30. Cardinals (3-9-1; No. 30): Kyler Murray has lost 300 percent more games as an NFL rookie than he lost in his college and high-school careers, combined.

31. Bengals (1-12; No. 31): Are we sure the Patriots weren’t filming the Bengals sideline in search of bloopers?

32. Giants (2-10; No. 32): Finito.