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Week Nine power rankings


1. Chiefs (9-0; last week No. 1): Ten years after going 9-0, the Chiefs are 9-0 again. Hopefully this year’s edition will fare better in the playoffs.

2. Seahawks (8-1; No. 2): Ugly wins are still wins. Until they become ugly losses. Which is possible if they can’t protect Russell Wilson. (See Green Bay.)

3. Colts (6-2; No. 3): Andrew Luck is so unfazed by the prospect of engineering a late win that the rest of us are now unfazed when he does it.

4. Broncos (7-1; No. 4): When will Jack Del Rio bench Peyton Manning for David Garrard?

5. 49ers (6-2; No. 6): The Seahawks should be less worried about the Saints and more worried about the 49ers.

6. Patriots (7-2; No. 9): One good game doesn’t mean Tom Brady has suddenly become as good as he used to be.

7. Saints (6-2; No. 5): If they can’t beat the Jets in New York, they’ll never beat the Seahawks in Seattle.

8. Bengals (6-3; No. 8): Before the NFL named Andy Dalton the AFC offensive player of the month for October, the league should have waited for the game played on October 31.

9. Packers (5-3; No. 7): If Aaron Rodgers is out for a while, this could be the last week they’re in the top 10. For a while.

10. Lions (5-3; No. 10): An uneventful bye week is perhaps the best news this team has had all year.

11. Panthers (5-3; No. 13): Yes, they’re winning games they should win. And they’ll likely soon be losing games they should lose.

12. Cowboys (5-4; No. 12): If they only run the ball nine times against the Saints on Sunday night, the up-and-down Cowboys will fall back down to .500.

13. Bears (5-3; No. 15): Josh McCown/Luke McCown/Cade McNown > Seneca Wallace.

14. Jets (5-4; No. 18): John Idzik has found a quarterback and, whether Idzik wants him or not, a coach.

15. Dolphins (4-4; No. 16): All this talk of forcing rookies to pay for things has given Stephen Ross an idea for how to pay for all the unsold tickets.

16. Chargers (4-4; No. 11): They’re too inconsistent to be a true contender in the AFC.

17. Cardinals (4-4; No. 19): That win over Carolina could come in handy when it’s time to apply tiebreakers.

18. Titans (4-4; No. 20): It would have been fitting for the win over the Rams to end with St. Louis coming up one yard short of a game-tying touchdown.

19. Eagles (4-5; No. 21): Owner Jeffrey Lurie says he’s looking for a franchise quarterback. Based on Sunday, he may have found one.

20. Browns (4-5; No. 22): How did it take the Browns so long to realize Jason Campbell should be playing quarterback?

21. Ravens (3-5; No. 14): The old Browns finally are playing like the new Browns used to play.

22. Redskins (3-5; No. 28): With last year’s team winning the division after a 3-6 start, this year’s team technically is in better shape.

23. Raiders (3-5; No. 17): If the Raiders make Nick Foles looks like Peyton Manning, how will they make Peyton Manning look when they play Denver again?

24. Giants (2-6; No. 24): The Giants thought they’d gain some ground in the bye week -- until everyone else in the division won.

25. Bills (3-6; No. 23): At least Matt Flynn didn’t blow the starting job before he was cut.

26. Rams (3-6; No. 25): For as bad as they’ve been drafting in the early rounds, the Rams have found some good players in the latter rounds.

27. Falcons (2-6; No. 26): Maybe the Falcons should have taken the Joe Flacco approach with Matt Ryan.

28. Steelers (2-6; No. 27): They look like the Steelers. They play their home games in Pittsburgh. But these aren’t the Steelers.

29. Texans (2-6; No. 29): With Case Keenum and a still-potent defense, the Texans could get back to the AFC’s elite in 2014.

30. Buccaneers (0-8; No. 31): A three-point loss at Seattle pushed the Bucs up a spot this week. Hooray?

31. Vikings (1-7; No. 30): The Vikings wish Jerry Jones was right when he said there are no 1-7 teams.

32. Jaguars (0-8; No. 32): They’ve yet to lose a game this year . . . by fewer than 10 points.