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Week Six Power Rankings


1. Broncos (6-0; last week No. 1): The Colts likely will have fireworks for the Peyton Manning homecoming -- and they’ll be aimed right at him.

2. Chiefs (6-0; No. 5): They finally have as many wins as they had Pro Bowlers in 2012.

3. Seahawks (5-1; No. 4): When Percy Harvin returns, a great team could become unstoppable.

4. Patriots (5-1; No. 6): Who would have dreamed that an undrafted rookie from Cincinnati would do so much better in No. 85 than the veteran player from Cincinnati?

5. Saints (5-1; No. 2): Rob Ryan didn’t do much better than his twin brother has done in Foxborough.

6. Colts (4-2; No. 3): The bad news? They dropped four passes. The good news? They only dropped three spots.

7. 49ers (4-2; No. 8): When Raiders fans are the best behaved Bay Area fans, that’s a problem.

8. Packers (3-2; No. 9): So why did all those teams pass on Eddie Lacy again?

9. Lions (4-2; No. 10): After all those first-round selections squandered on pass-catchers, it’s fitting that the Lions landed Joseph Fauria without having to use a draft pick.

10. Bears (4-2; No. 11): Based on the way he played, Brandon Marshall should wear those green shoes every week.

11. Ravens (3-3; No. 7): They may need to fire a coordinator in December again.

12. Dolphins (3-2; No. 12): For a change, the bye week meant something other than a guaranteed respite from losing.

13. Bengals (4-2; No. 14): They continue to play up and down to the level of the competition.

14. Eagles (3-3; No. 20): Three years after Mike Vick supplanted Kevin Kolb while he was injured, Nick Foles could be doing it to Vick.

15. Cowboys (3-3; No. 21): The best way to avoid Tony Romo blowing a game late? Make sure the game isn’t in doubt late.

16. Chargers (3-3; No. 19): They’re still too inconsistent to contend for a playoff berth, especially with a pair of undefeated teams in the division they used to dominate.

17. Browns (3-3; No. 13): The Factory already has run out of Gladness.

18. Rams (3-3; No. 22): At least one of the team’s first-round picks is making a major impact.

19. Titans (3-3; No. 15): If moral victories were real, the Titans would have three of them.

20. Jets (3-3; No. 16): With the Patriots returning to New Jersey, it’s Buttfumble Week at MetLife Stadium.

21. Cardinals (3-3; No. 17): Bruce Arians didn’t necessarily “see the dominance” of the 49ers, but he saw enough to beat his team.

22. Raiders (2-4; No. 18): Now that the Raiders have found their quarterback, they’d better do a better job of protecting him.

23. Panthers (2-3; No. 25): The Panthers don’t win often, but when they win, they win big.

24. Bills (2-4; No. 24): There are bad quarterback situations, and then there are quarterback situations so bad that Matt Flynn gets a spot on the depth chart.

25. Texans (2-4; No. 23): And now we know why Gary Kubiak didn’t bench Matt Schaub for T.J. Yates.

26. Falcons (1-4; No. 27): Some thought the Week Seven game between Atlanta and Tampa would be a battle for first place in the division. Instead, it’ll be a battle for last place.

27. Redskins (1-4; No. 28): The controversy regarding the team’s name could become a useful distraction for the team’s disappointing performances.

28. Vikings (1-4; No. 26): Josh Freeman possibly wants a Mulligan.

29. Steelers (1-4; No. 29): Beat the Ravens on Sunday, and things could get interesting in the AFC North.

30. Buccaneers (0-5; No. 30): How can a team with so many good players be so bad?

31. Giants (0-6; No. 31): How can a team with so many good players be so bad?

32. Jaguars (0-6; No. 32): How can a team with so many bad players lose to the Broncos by only 16?