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Week Three power rankings

The Jacksonville Jaguars find themselves atop PFT's Week 3 power rankings after beating the Patriots at home.

1. Jaguars (2-0; last week No. 4): They’ve finally made it to the top. How long will they stick around?

2. Rams (2-0; No. 5): The best team in the NFC gets a chance to prove it’s the best team in L.A. this weekend.

3. Chiefs (2-0; No. 7): There’s no need for 65 Toss Power Trap with Patrick Mahomes around.

4. Buccaneers (2-0; No. 14): It’s shocking that DeSean Jackson would prefer the quarterback who actually throws Jackson the ball.

5. Eagles (1-1; No. 1): With Carson Wentz back at quarterback and with plenty of receivers injured, maybe Nick Foles should change positions.

6. Falcons (1-1; No. 6): Who needs Devonta Freeman when Matt Ryan can get two rushing touchdowns on his own?

7. Vikings (1-0-1; No. 8): A tie is like cutting your kicker.

8. Packers (1-0-1; No. 3): With DeShone Kizer, the Packers would have lost by 20 or more.

9. Patriots (1-1; No. 2): Josh Gordon was acquired for one reason -- the inevitable Jacksonville rematch.

10. Chargers (1-1; No. 15): The Fight for L.A. becomes literal on Sunday, and it could be the closest the Chargers come to a Super Bowl for a while.

11. Bengals (2-0; No. 20): The Bengals are making it hard to forget about the league’s most forgettable team.

12. Saints (1-1; No. 9): Complain all you want, Who Dats, but barely beating the woebegone Browns more than justifies a three-spot drop.

13. Dolphins (2-0; No. 16): Jay Cutler isn’t impressed.

14. Ravens (1-1; No. 11): Few win road games when they spot the opponent 21. When that doesn’t happen, the Ravens will win far more than they lose.

15. Panthers (1-1; No. 12): Every stride the NFL claims to make in concussion awareness is undermined by every concussion evaluation Cam Newton avoids.

16. Steelers (0-1-1; No. 10): The Steel Curtain has become a soggy piece of construction paper.

17. 49ers (1-1; No. 18): For Kyle Shanahan, 30-13 almost went the way of 28-3.

18. Broncos (2-0; No. 19): Things may change once the team has to play on the road.

19. Bears (1-1; No. 21): Eight days after blowing a 17-point fourth-quarter lead, they tried hard to blow a 14-point fourth-quarter lead.

20. Seahawks (0-2; No. 13): It’s not too early to say the season hinges on beating the Cowboys this weekend.

21. Titans (1-1; No. 23): What’s more amazing, the fact that Blaine Gabbert is still in the NFL or the fact that he won an NFL game?

22. Colts (1-1; No. 28): 2018 Andrew Luck is starting to look like pre-2016 Andrew Luck.

23. Texans (0-2; No. 17): 2018 Deshaun Watson is not looking like 2017 Deshaun Watson.

24. Cowboys (1-1; No. 24): For at least one night, 2018 Dak Prescott looked like 2016 Dak Prescott.

25. Jets (1-1; No. 25): The Jets once again look like the Jets.

26. Washington (1-1; No. 22): It’s good they’re hoping to build a new stadium that fans won’t come to.

27. Raiders (0-2; No. 26): Outscored 23-0 in the final 15 minutes of the first two games, the fourth quarter is triggering extra four-letter words from Chucky.

28. Giants (0-2; No. 27): Maybe Pat Shurmur should wear a big suit and slick back his hair, because he’s quickly becoming Ben McAdoo.

29. Lions (0-2; No. 30): A close loss on the road gives the Lions hope. Until the Patriots blow them out.

30. Browns (0-1-1; No. 31): They only moved up a spot because the two teams below them should be relegated.

31. Cardinals (0-2; No. 29): Sam Bradford is averaging 4.0 yards per pass this season, which means that maybe they should just run the ball on every play.

32. Bills (0-2; No. 32): Vontae Davis quit at halftime. The rest of the team hasn’t been showing up at all.