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Which teams would be interested in trading for Kyler Murray?

This article presumes plenty of if’s coming to fruition. I know that. Regardless, I’m going there.

If Kyler Murray asks to be traded and if the Cardinals are willing to do it, who would make a move for him?

The most obvious candidates would be the three finalists for Deshaun Watson who didn’t get the new Browns quarterback: Panthers, Falcons, and Saints. This assumes that each of those teams would be OK with a quarterback who is on the very short side, by NFL starting quarterback standards.

The Eagles possibly would be interested. In the AFC, Texans also would potentially explore the possibility.

Whoever does it would have to be willing to pay Murray what he wants financially and to give the Cardinals what they would require by way of compensation. That could be more than some teams would want to invest.

And that ultimately may be the best thing the Cardinals have going for them. If no one wants to pay Murray or to give the Cardinals what they’d want to make a trade happen, no one will come to the table and Murray will continue to be a Cardinal. At least for now.