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Why wouldn’t Ravens talk about Lamar Jackson on Wednesday?

Mike Florio and Chris Simms question what the Ravens could be hiding, after Eric DeCosta refused to speak on Lamar Jackson at a pre-draft press conference.

The league requires its teams to have pre-draft press conferences. It does not require teams to provide specific answers to specific questions posed during pre-draft press conferences.

And so the Ravens opted on Wednesday to shut down any questions for G.M. Eric DeCosta and/or coach John Harbaugh about quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Yes, they’ve been asked about him repeatedly. They’ve talked about him repeatedly. Last week, he disclosed his request for a trade just as Harbaugh was preparing to talk to reporters at the annual league meetings, and Harbaugh took questions about it in real time.

Shutting down certain topics, like that one, can create the impression the team wants to avoid it not because of fatigue but because they have something to hide. Not answering questions creates more questions.

For example, has there been a development in the past week or so they’d rather not discuss? Has he made it clear that his trade request wasn’t just a negotiating ploy but an indication that he’ll never play for the Ravens again, no matter what?

Besides, why not welcome more opportunities to say things they’ve already said about Lamar? Every question asked about Jackson becomes one less question asked about the team’s plans for the draft.

By now, the Ravens surely have perfected their talking points on Lamar. Unless he specifically asked them to stop talking about him and they opted to fall on the sword and make it look like their decision not his, there’s no strategic reason to refuse to talk about the lingering impasse between player and team.

Indeed, they came off yesterday as rattled by the ongoing Lamar questions. They may not care about that perception, but that’s how many interpreted the moment.