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Woody Johnson gets behind Donald Trump, again

To those who would tell players and media who might not agree with their political views to stick to sports, the door should swing both ways. It often does not.

Jets owner Woody Johnson once again supports Donald Trump in his bid to take the White House.

Johnson was spotted behind Trump during his victory speech on Saturday night, after winning the South Carolina Republican primary.

Appearing recently on Fox News, Johnson explained his reasoning for supporting Trump.

“Americans remember how good it was or how much better it was on the border, and inflation, and gas prices, and grocery prices, all that, during the Trump administration, and they want to get back there,” Johnson said. “So I think the most important thing is getting the former president back in the White House, which looks like it’s happening.”

That’s fine. He’s allowed to support whoever he wants. He’s allowed to say whatever he wants. But players and others connected to the sport should be able to speak their minds, too, without being shouted down by those who disagree with what they say.

Johnson served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom during Trump’s initial term. At one point, he was accused of making racist and sexist remarks in that role. He denied it, and the NFL took no action.

It’s interesting that Johnson is talking about Trump now. Asked about his support for the former president in June 2021, Johnson said this: “If we could stick to football questions, that would be great.”

And that’s how it goes for folks of a certain ideology. They have no problem with talking about something other than football when they have something they want to say, or when someone is saying something they want to hear.