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XFL, CFL champions could meet

With the news that Kevin James will be playing Sean Payton in an upcoming movie, Mike Florio and Charean Williams select actors they think should play head coaches -- including John Candy as John Madden.

The appetite for football and betting on football could open the door for even more football.

Via Michael McCarthy of, the XFL and CFL champions could meet in an interleague championship game.

It’s a simple proposition. The two leagues would play their seasons, possibly with interleague games between the XFL and the CFL, with an interleague championship game capping the action. According to McCarthy, there also could be an all-star game pitting players from the two leagues.

This obviously means that the XFL would shift its calendar or the CFL would moves it calendar, or possibly a little of both. The XFL returned in 2020 as a spring league. The CFL has played during the summer months and into November.

As we’ve said time and again, a market exists for Tuesday and Wednesday night football games during traditional football season, at least until the NFL starts playing games on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Which the NFL quite possibly would do if other leagues started infringing on the two nights between the end of one NFL week and the start of a new one.

The XFL and CFL also could eventually merge. In 2020, the XFL had eight seasons. In 2019, the CFL played its most recent season with nine teams. A combined XFL-CFL could also launch teams in places like Mexico, Germany, and other European countries.

In the 1990s, the CFL expanded into the U.S., a short-lived experiment that put teams in places like Baltimore, Las Vegas, and Shreveport.

Vince McMahon re-launched the XFL after a 19-year gap between XFL 1.0 and XFL 2.0. The resurrected league died again during the pandemic, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson buying the carcass and now trying to bring it back to life, again.

As more and more states legalize sports betting and as more and more people look for sports on which to bet, a combined XFL and CFL could work.