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Ah bummer, we were so close to a goalie fight tonight

There are a plethora of reasons to dislike regular, run-of-the-mill fights. It’s a reasonable thing for a hockey fan to do.

Let’s be honest, though: the sheer novelty and oddness of a goalie fight makes it difficult not to at least smile.

Big awkward pads flying about. One guy possibly being way in over his head, which isn’t always the most fun (sorry, Braden Holtby, about that time you fought Ray Emery).

Long story short, goalie fights are quite the spectacle, so it’s a bit of a bummer that a bout was averted between Montreal Canadiens goalie Ben Scrivens and Buffalo Sabres netminder Robin Lehner tonight.

So far, video of the near-exchange/super-icy staredown isn’t available, but Stephanie “My Regular Face” tells much of the story through GIFs.

Darn it.

Should be a goldmine for memes, at least.

Update: Now there’s video AND GIFs. Hooray.