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Zdeno Chara impressed with fellow giant Tyler Myers

Ryan Miller, Tyler Myers

If there’s one defenseman in the NHL who can identify with literally towering over the competition, it’s the 6-foot-9 Zdeno Chara. So of course he’s going to be asked about the large defenseman on the other side of the ice from him in the first round series against the Sabres.

And of course Chara, who wasn’t exactly known for this skating ability when he first came to the NHL, would focus on just how great Tyler Myers looks on the ice.

“At his age, I was nowhere near his performance. I probably got better later on. For a guy being a first-year guy to earn a spot on the team and doing so well, that’s impressive.”

Myers says that skating was never a problem for him, but that he has certainly used Chara as a measuring tool for how to approach the game over the past few years. While the two players are certainly similar in their extraordinary height and skill on the ice, they are two very different players. Chara is not only tall, but stocky as well, the largest player in the NHL.

Myers, while tall and with a long reach, is just lanky. In fact, it’s amazing he has the skating skill and balance that he does, without just being toppled over by stronger players. Myers also claims that Chara is meaner than him, although Johnny Boychuk of the Bruins may have something to say about that.

Turns out Myers laid into Boychuck with a bit of late hit to the head last night, that left him a bit woozy.

“Didn’t see him coming, and I didn’t have the puck,’' said Boychuk, who was slow to get up after the hit. “Shot to the head, side of the jaw.’'

Not so innocent now, are we?