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Ronda Rousey says Holly Holm rematch may be her last fight

Ronda Rousey said she will “be done with everything” if she loses an anticipated (but not yet scheduled) rematch with Holly Holm, who knocked out Rousey on Nov. 15, according to ESPN The Magazine.

“I guess it’s all going to be determined by what happens in the rematch,” the 2008 Olympic judo bronze medalist Rousey said, according to the report. “Everything is going to be determined by that. Either I’ll win and keep going or I won’t and I’ll be done with everything.”

Rousey, 28, suffered her first mixed martial arts defeat in the UFC 193 bout with Holm in Melbourne. She switched to MMA from judo after the Beijing 2008 Olympics and debuted in her new sport in 2010.

“I always think I can lose all of them,” Rousey said of her MMA fights, according to the report. “I’m the only one that’s scared when I walk in there. I’m always [expletive] scared.”

The report compared the Holm loss to Rousey’s defeat at the 2008 Olympics, calling them her “lowest moments.” She took it hard over Thanksgiving week.

“I kind of just slept a lot and ate fast food,” Rousey said, according to the report. “First I was so sick I couldn’t eat anything. Then I just slept and pooped in the woods. I used a whole roll of toilet paper in one day.

“Physically, my body was refusing its own failures. It was, like, sick of itself. Expelling itself. Like all the skin came off my face. My whole body flushed it out.”

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