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Awful headline sabotages otherwise interesting, solid Kansas story

Great headlines sell stories, even the bad ones. But when the headline stinks, it’s tough to salvage even the best stories. Like this.
No. 2 Kansas is full of good players

Wow! Where do I click?

You probably saw it the last few days on various sites because it’s the headline the Associated Press sent with this feature on the Jayhawks and their – duh – depth. Headline like that and you just glaze over what’s actually a pretty good feature by Doug Tucker.

Consider this excerpt from the top:

[Kansas coach Bill] Self’s never had this many outstanding players on one team - not even in 2008, when an experienced and well balanced squad beat Memphis in the NCAA championship game.

''It’s as deep a team as we’ve had since I’ve been here,’' Self said after the Jayhawks dismantled Missouri 103-86. ''It’s deeper than the ’08 team.’'

As well as they’ve played in recent weeks, Kansas’ reserves look like they could probably win in the bottom half of most leagues all by themselves. When esteemed freshman Josh Selby gets back, possibly this Saturday against Iowa State, the Jayhawks could go 10 deep if they wished.

''The ’08 team went eight deep,’' Self said. ''I think it’s going to be hard to play 10. But we could go one more for sure.’'

That team featured six future NBA players, which makes Self’s statement fairly noteworthy. (Disclaimer: They’re deeper, but it’s unclear as yet if they’re better.) Reference the ’08 comparison or excerpt a bit of Self’s quote. Anything to avoid the blasé headline with IS in it.

Simple improvement: Kansas ‘deeper’ than ’08 title team
Or the Huffington Post method: Did Self says Kansas’ 08 title team can’t compare to this year’s version?

If that’s not good enough, the story provided another possible angle.

It discussed the challenges Self faces in playing 10 players, which players have been hot as of late, and more. Given that most teams with absurd amounts of depth face some kind of chemistry issues (Read: 2009-10 Texas), it’s a fairly compelling story.

And full of good players.

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