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Jimmer Fredette’s growing more powerful by the moment

The first rule of college basketball is: You don’t rip The Jimmer. The second rule of college basketball is: You DO NOT rip The Jimmer.

And you certainly don’t do it in the BYU student paper. May as well rip Joseph Smith while you’re at it.

Michelle Peralta has had it with the adulation afforded her fellow BYU student this season and let her displeasure be known with a letter published Monday. It was short, sweet and to the point.


But that wasn’t enough for Michelle, who also let her Facebook friends know about her irritation.

Big mistake. It quickly caught fire in various Internet circles, then went viral a few hours ago when someone had the presence of mind to copy the comments section of her Facebook post and put ‘em on the web. All 678 (approximately) of ‘em.

I would’ve had this up a while ago, but I was too busy reading all the comments. It’s a treasure trove of comedy. Here’s a sampling.


Next time Michelle, follow the rules. And remember, everything’s on the web. Everything.

UPDATE: Hard to believe, but it got better. The Internet is awesome.

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