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Kentucky’s Knight not your typical one-and-done


The one-and-done stereotype – a guy who spends one year in college barely going to class until he jump to the NBA – doesn’t apply to Kentucky guard Brandon Knight.

An honor student in high school, Knight considered six schools along with the Wildcats.

One was Yale.

And it was only six because he didn’t really consider Princeton, even though the Tigers recruited him.

So yeah, you could call Knight unconventional. He also doesn’t just ride his talents, either. Wildcats coach John Calipari lauds his work ethic, too. From Ken Davis’ column:

“He will be in the gym at 11 at night,” Calipari said. “Then he will be in the training room icing his knees or his legs at 6 in the morning. Academically, he got mad the other day when he got a 91. What class was it that you got that 91 on a test?”

“Sociology,” Knight answered.

“Still got an A, but he is mad,” Calipari said. “He’s conscientious. So he feels that he will make that shot. And more importantly, why I put the ball in his hands, he is not afraid to miss it. If you really want to be that guy, you have no fear. ‘If I miss this shot, I miss it. I am not afraid to miss this shot. Life will not end.’ I feel comfortable putting it in his hands because I know his work ethic.”

Hard working, smart and good at hoops. Sounds like someone perfect for President Obama’s cabinet.

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