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If Iowa offense ups its game, OC Brian Ferentz recoups pay

ferentz contract

Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz is taking a pay cut as part of a new contract that will reward him if the Hawkeyes average 25 points and win at least seven games next season - and make it easier to fire him if they don’t.

The athletic department released an amended contract for Ferentz, Iowa’s offensive coordinator since 2017. The son of head coach Kirk Ferentz has been a frequent target of criticism for nepotism and because of the Hawkeyes’ lack of production the past two years.

The amended contract calls for Brian Ferentz to receive a salary of $850,000 this year, a $50,000 pay cut, and his two-year rolling contract has been put on hold.

But if Iowa wins seven games and increases its scoring average to 25 points, he will be paid a lump sum of $112,500, have his salary raised to $925,000 and go back to having a two-year rolling contract.

“If Coach does not meet the Designated Performance Objectives, the agreement will terminate on June 30, 2024,” the contract reads.

Iowa was 8-5 this past season and has won at least seven games all but two years since 2008.

The Hawkeyes scored 25 points only three times in 2022, and their average of 17.7 per game ranked 123rd out of 131 Football Bowl Subdivision teams. They were second to last in total offense in the FBS with 251.6 yards per game.

Athletic department spokesman Steve Roe said the 25-points-per-game goal is for the entire team, not just the offense.

The Hawks’ defense accounted for 40 points on four interception returns, two fumble returns and two safeties. Iowa would have reached 25 points in only two games if it weren’t for the defense accounting for two TDs in a 27-10 win over Rutgers.

Iowa would have averaged 14.6 points per game if it hadn’t been for defensive scores.

The Hawkeyes last averaged at least 25 points per game in 2020, when they went for 31.8 in a pandemic-shortened, eight-game season. Iowa averaged 25.8 points in 2019.