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Les Miles indicates he won’t be doing college football on TV this season

Well, this is certainly a distressing and depressing development.

After being let go as LSU’s head coach, after he failed to find a seat on the latest spinning of the head coaching carousel, it was assumed that Les Miles would find a spot as a college football analyst on one network or another. As recently as earlier this month, the Mad Hatter’s daughter stated she’s trying to convince her father “to do media now.”

Unfortunately for all involved, that appears unlikely to happen as Miles indicated during an event Monday that him in the broadcast booth or studio this year is “not going to happen.”

From the Montgomery Advertiser:

Miles said he went for a tryout to be an analyst for FOX Sports, but didn’t want to be conformed.

“It’s a struggle when you haven’t had a censor button on the sidelines,” Miles said. “You quickly find out I gave it the old college try, but it’s not going to happen.

Naturally, a national period of mourning will commence immediately. Hopefully, the healing can begin in the not-too-distant future.