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Notre Dame 99-to-0: No. 58 Ashton Craig, incoming freshman center

Ashton Craig

Listed measurements: 6-foot-4, 274 pounds.2022-23 year, eligibility: An incoming freshman, Craig has four seasons of eligibility remaining and five years to use them.Depth Chart: The fluid depth chart spreadsheet used by this space has Craig listed as the fifth center on Notre Dame’s roster, though there are only three other centers on the roster, at most. The Irish would move someone else to the fulcrum before turning to the incoming freshman in competitive game action.Recruiting: Craig shined at a camp on campus, doubly notable as it immediately followed the 15-month dead period in recruiting induced by the pandemic. That showing earned the consensus three-star offensive lineman a scholarship offer, and he took Notre Dame up on that offer within two weeks rather than head to Nebraska, Michigan, Vanderbilt or Cincinnati.

WHAT WAS SAID WHEN CRAIG COMMITTED A YEAR AGO“Craig’s strongest trait is some natural quickness, amplified by footwork fine-tuned in basketball performances, ones so worthwhile they are included on his highlights page. He will most likely take that quickness inside at Notre Dame, widely expected to play center. At 6-foot-5, he will provide the size inside that the Irish have gotten used to the last two seasons with 6-foot-4 ½ Jarrett Patterson starting at the pivot, now succeeded by 6-foot-3 Zeke Correll.”

Some things may be beyond monetization, like the sheer dominance displayed by Craig’s comparative size in this photo.

Enjoy the food, enjoy the gameday atmosphere (at home games only), get used to college life, and lift a lot of weights.

That’s all that is ahead of Craig this season. A high school right tackle — and defensive end — he has plenty to learn as he moves into the interior, so there is no version of this season where Notre Dame turns to him already. Craig not only has to put on weight, but he also has to learn his new position.

Craig will have time to learn this new gig. Correll has three seasons of eligibility remaining, and while he may not play at the collegiate level into 2024, at least two more years of him in the center conversation at Notre Dame seem quite likely.

Post-Correll, Craig will need to compete with current sophomore Pat Coogan, more a natural center, particularly in size.

If that is the primary competition, though, then Craig will very much be in the mix. For an incoming freshman making a position switch, a pathway to playing time that clear is rare.

WHY NO. 57?
Editor’s Note: The original version of this story was published before Notre Dame announced Craig would wear No. 58 this season. That version guessed at his jersey number.
Craig wore No. 54 in high school, but the Irish already have a pair of 54s in sophomore right tackle Blake Fisher and senior defensive tackle Jacob Lacey. Craig could wear No. 53, perhaps, but in some intangible way, No. 57 better fits an offensive lineman.

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