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Notre Dame 99-to-2: No. 73 Andrew Kristofic, early-enrolled tackle, consensus four-star

Andrew Kristofic

Listed Measurements: 6-foot-5 ¼, 275 pounds.2019-20 year, eligibility: An early-enrolled freshman, Kristofic has all four seasons of eligibility remaining, including 2019.Depth chart: Kristofic will not crack the two-deep as a freshman, buried behind the likes of junior Robert Hainsey and fellow early-enrolled freshman Quinn Carroll at right tackle.Recruiting: A consensus four-star prospect, Kristofic was long on Notre Dame’s radar as the high school protector of Irish sophomore quarterback Phil Jurkovec. That head start helped Notre Dame outpace Clemson, Ohio State and Wisconsin in pursuing the All-American and No. 27 offensive tackle in the country, per

To be blunt, there is little-to-no reason to change this section from the Carroll entry earlier this week ...

The Irish rarely play freshmen offensive linemen. The surprises of Steve Elmer (10 games and four starts in 2013) and Robert Hainsey (13 games while splitting duties with Tommy Kraemer in 2017) should be considered the exceptions that prove the rule. Thus, once signed, the discussions of offensive linemen recruits is often short and sweet: What position are they most likely to play, or at least begin at?

Irish head coach Brian Kelly said Kristofic will be at tackle.

“If a lineman puts in his time, develops and adds weight, he usually ends up with a chance at Notre Dame at some point. See: Ruhland, Trevor. That is as much about the depth needed at the position as anything else. The point is, Kristofic has a high ceiling, but there need not be a rush to get him to reach it. His time will come.

Kristofic may not even see mop-up duty this season, instead spending it focusing on strength and conditioning. The Irish will be better served devoting blowout snaps to injury contingencies such as junior Josh Lugg, sophomore Cole Mabry and perhaps even Carroll.

Expecting an early-enrolled freshman to wait and wait and wait is the usual, and the presumed future for Kristofic. Notre Dame’s line is set for the next two seasons, so there is no need to hurry his development.

After 2020, though, the Irish will need two first-time starting tackles. Kristofic will be in the mix for either gig, along with Carroll, Mabry and whatever recruits join the mix in the current cycle (headlined by consensus four-star Tosh Baker).

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