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Artest: My hair bad, Lakers good

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Ron Artest admitted what the entire nation realized Sunday -- he’s not a blond.

“Yeah it’s definitely called a hair “don’t.” We was on ABC, I wanted to give the people something special, so I thought that would be the most coolest thing to do. I wanted to put the Lakers in my hair ‘cause I like to put the Lakers in my head, but this time why not just put defense. I usually just do Chinese, the time before I put Chinese and Korean, but my friend said why not put it in all the nationalities. We only had room for three, so we went with Japanese, Hindi on the back of my head, and Hebrew on the front and top of my head so to speak, so it was fun.”

That’s what he told Waddle and Silvy on ESPN 1000 in Chicago, but by Monday at practice Artest’s head was shaved. Note to the kids reading this blog that saw Artest and thought, “I’m going to dye something purple into my hair,” -- it doesn’t come out, and it stains your scalp. Artest had his shaved head Monday but you could still read the writing, according to the follicly-challenged Brian Kamenetzky of ESPNLosAngleles.

More interestingly to Lakers fans, Artest told the radio station he is playing just fine, thank you very much.

I think I’m doing great. I’m playing a role that I was told I wouldn’t be able to play as far as not being that main option, so I’m happy with that and I just gotta mesh in my role. I haven’t played a role like this in a long time. I’m looking forward to just mastering it so I can be an asset and bring what I bring to the table in a behind the scenes type of role.”

Yea, this is going to be an interesting playoffs in Los Angeles.