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Blake Griffin throws ball at/to ref, gets tech, says ‘So I gotta pay money cause you can’t catch?’

Blake Griffin is one of the NBA’s best passing big men, but this wasn’t one of his better deliveries.

And it’ll cost him.

Griffin threw the ball nearly half the court to/at referee Scott Wall during the Clippers’ loss to the Celtics last night. The ball came in hot at leg level, and Wall dodged it then called Griffin for a technical foul.

Griffin to Wall:

So, I gotta pay money cause you can’t f—ing catch? So, I gotta pay money cause you can’t catch?

Yeah, probably.

I don’t know Griffin’s intent. But that throw was hard and off enough that he might have been showing frustration with the official. I’m not sure he should have been given a technical foul, but I also don’t expect the NBA to rescind it. This was a gray-area call Griffin will probably have to live with.

Because he already had five technical fouls this season, this one is in line to cost him $3,000.