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DeAndre Jordan on stealing rebound from Luka Doncic: ‘I guess I’ve been poaching for the past 11 years’ (video)

Mavericks center DeAndre Jordan bumped teammate Luka Doncic to grab an otherwise-uncontested rebound during Dallas’ loss to the Knicks on Friday. Doncic’s body language suggested he wasn’t thrilled by the play. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, sitting behind the baseline, appeared to snap at Jordan.

But Jordan is standing up for himself.

Jordan, via Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News:

“I guess I’ve been poaching for the past 11 years,” he said Monday. “I feel like every rebound that comes off is mine. So I am guilty of that. But honestly, when I’m going for the ball, I don’t really look for anybody else.”

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle called it “a little bit” over the top. And it was. Jordan should have let Doncic take that rebound.

But that relentless helps Jordan get other rebounds. It’s not an easy thing to turn on and off. What if Jordan restrained himself from trying to grab a rebound he thought was headed to a teammate but was mistaken and it went to an opponent? That wouldn’t be received well, either.

Of course, it’s probably not coincidental Jordan took the approach that helps him rack up the more impressive box-score stats. But that doesn’t make him wrong. He might just be on the wrong side of a fine line.

And if he is wrong, assign some blame to everyone who gushes about his high rebound-per-game mark and double-doubles.