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Dominic McGuire joins the “out for the season” crowd

There’s something very ominous about saying a player is out for the season. It’s as if every injured player is Michael Redd, losing another season of their career in semi-tragic fashion. Then you realize that every player that’s been declared “out for the season,” for non-playoff teams at least, is really just missing about eight games over the next three weeks.

Such is the case with Dominic McGuire, who has been declared “out for the season” by the Kings with a torn plantar fascia. While I’m sure he’s was pleased to get his first two starts of the season (which were probably due to the Kings’ motley assortment of injuries than anything else), his injury hardly qualifies as a tragedy. McGuire is a decent defender, but not much else, and his Kings aren’t playing for anything more than lottery odds at this point.

McGuire will be a free agent this summer, though, so I’m sure he’d like to have each of those upcoming contests as a chance to prove his worth. That’s where McGuire’s injury actually matters, at least on a personal level; as a fringe NBA talent, every playing opportunity would hopefully push McGuire’s stock over that of other minimum salary guys and top D-Leaguers. It looks like his body of work will have to speak for itself this season, and I can’t say it’s all that impressive.