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Draymond Green: If it’s a Finals rematch, “I want to destroy Cleveland”

Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green (23) celebrates after a score against the Portland Trail Blazers during the first half of a preseason NBA basketball game Friday, Oct. 21, 2016, in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)


What else would you expect Draymond Green to say? “If it’s Cleveland and us in the Finals again, I’d like to sit down with LeBron and share some tea and crumpets; he seems quite the dashing fellow.”

Draymond Green is a competitor and the emotional leader of the Golden State Warriors. We expect fire from him, on the court and sometimes off it. Like all real competitors — Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Kobe Bryant, etc. — he hates to lose. Last year the Warriors lost to the Cavaliers in the Finals, and he was at the heart of why. He deserves blame.

So when’s David Aldridge talked with Green about a potential rematch, Green said exactly what you’d expect him to.

“I want to win the Western Conference, try to beat everybody in the Western Conference -- which is a tough task. There are so many good teams. So that’s got to be our only focus, to win the Western Conference. And then, if Cleveland comes out of the east, I want to destroy Cleveland. No ifs, ands and buts about it. But I also know that there’s steps to get to that point. And if and when we get to that point, I want to annihilate them....

“And they get there, I want to completely destroy them. No ifs, ands or buts about it. That won’t change. I’m not saying we’re going to look forward to that. Like I said, there’s a long road ahead. And it’ll be a tough, tough road to get there. Nonetheless, if we get there, and they get there, I want to destroy them. Really ain’t no other way to put it.”

Again, this is precisely what he should say.

Green is passionate. Emotional. Confident. And willing to say what he’s thinking. I’m sure a lot of the Warriors players would love to get a rematch — a rubber match — in the Finals with the Cavaliers. If that never crossed their minds, I’d be more worried.

But June is a long, long time off. They need to get their own ship — and defense — in order first.