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Garnett could face fine, suspension for end of game scuffle

Kevin Garnett

Well, that didn’t take long. Kevin Garnett could be in trouble with the league after one game.

On the final play of the game the Knicks Bill Walker was trying to contest Garnett’s shot (only because Walker picked his teammate Tyson Chandler off Garnett, giving KG a very good look) and when it missed Walker had a couple words for Garnett.

Then KG tried to reach out and choke Walker. It’s brief but it’s there, hands to the throat. See the video below.

Garnett refused to talk about it post game, reports A. Sherrod Blakely at However, Walker did talk about it. And he’s still not backing down from KG.

“I went to contest his shot,’’ Walker said. “I guess he got mad I contested his shot. He grabbed my hand, tangled it up. I pulled my hand away, and then we had a situation . . .

“I’m a grown-up. You put your hands on my face, what part of the game is that? You know what the man does . . . Would you want me to put my hands on your face and push you away? I’m a man at the end of the day. It’s disrespectful. You should not do that to any man.’’

There wasn’t a whole lot to this (don’t think it warrants suspension and barely a fine) , but it did get replayed plenty on national television, and you know how the league office is about perception. If they think it looks bad for the league, KG could get a slap. Either financial or a suspension.