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Good news, if Armageddon does come, Chris Kaman is more armed than usual

Chris Kaman

So you’ve no doubt heard about the rumors of today being “Judgment Day” and the Rapture and whatnot, which, if you’re reading this, hasn’t actually occurred yet. Most people are taking this peculiar little meme as an opportunity to crack jokes, but some people are making sure they’re prepared in case things get nuts. Like Chris Kaman, center for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Kaman told Twitter followers Friday that he was buying more guns “just in case anything fishy happens.” This was followed by three, count ‘em, three images of guns Kaman purchased.

So, should all of the followers of Jesus Christ spontaneously ascend to heaven and the forces of hell rise to create chaos and suffering throughout the globe, Chris Kaman will be able to fire aimlessly at whatever forces approach his doorstep, should he remain following said ascendancy. Alternatively, should the world go mad in a thrust of panic over whatever should occur tomorrow in coincidence with predictions of a world gon’ judged, Kaman will be the man we can turn to to return law and order to a chaotic world.

Yeah, Chris Kaman.

I, for one, feel safer already.