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Have you talked to Kobe Bryant about joining Lakers? Paul George: ‘Not yet’

Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Clippers

Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Clippers

NBAE/Getty Images

Magic Johnson went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and literally winked about bringing Paul George to the Lakers.

The Pacers star took his turn on the show, and Kimmel kept turning the conversation to the Lakers.

Did Johnson’s comments affect him? George:

Nah, man. I love Magic. I love Magic. Great dude.
I know I’m always going to get those ties. I’m an L.A. kid. Actually, at my home, Kobe is the biggest person in my house – not even me.

Have you talked to Kobe Bryant about joining the Lakers? George:

Not yet. I plan on working out with him. Pick his brain a little bit.

Are you nervous about working out with Kobe? George:

Absolutely. Absolutely. I’m training now to get ready to work out with him.

This is the worst-case scenario for people in Indiana, right? George:

It is. I love Indy, though. It’s really a hard –

George didn’t say anything incendiary. He very well could stay with the Pacers – especially if he makes an All-NBA team, announced Thursday, which would allow him to sign a designated-veteran-player extension for a higher max.

But George’s interest in the Lakers is well-known, and it seemed he was planting the seeds for an Indiana exit during the season. It’s hard to see him appearing on a Hollywood show where he knew he’d be asked about the Lakers as anything other than a continuation of his Lakers flirtation.

Will that lead to him actually joining the Lakers? That’s a much more difficult question to answer.