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Karl-Anthony Towns does get out the vote PSA for Minnesota

Minnesota isn’t considered a swing state this election, polls show it solidly in the Hillary Clinton camp, but that shouldn’t lessen the efforts to get people out to vote. The goal in this nation should always be to get as many people as possible voting and involved in the democratic process.

Which is why Karl-Anthony Towns doing a get out the vote PSA for the state of Minnesota is a good thing (you can see it above).

Hat tip to The Undefeated for finding this.

However, in the article, I think writer Clinton Yates misunderstands history a little. He talks about this being part of a movement of athletes speaking out more on social issues lately and says he couldn’t imagine an NBA player doing this PSA a decade ago. As SB Nation’s Tom Ziller pointed out, back eight years ago when Barack Obama was elected there was a lot of political interest and involvement from players who saw a big stake in that election. This trend has been coming for a while. And it’s a welcome change from the “I avoid politics as not to damage my brand” attitude that too many athletes had for too long.