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NBA official report: Jerami Grant did foul Nene on final shot

Thunder fans were angry after their two-point loss to Houston — they thought the referees got it wrong. On the final play that mattered, James Harden got a screen from Nene, and both defenders Andre Roberson and Steven Adams stick with Harden, who then hits the rolling Nene with the pass. Jerami Grant comes in and blocks Nene’s shot but gets called for the foul.

Grant got ball, but the NBA’s Last Two-Minute official report says the call on Grant was the right one. From the report:

Grant (OKC) makes body contact with Nene (HOU) that affects his SQBR on the play at the basket.

SQBR stands for speed, quickness, balance, rhythm — knock a player off those, and it’s a foul.

The only call the report says the referees missed was Houston’s Montrezl Harrell grabbed the net while tipping a rebound with :44 seconds left.

Thunder fans don’t have to like the NBA’s interpretation. Wouldn’t have mattered anyway, even if they called it a foul nothing changes.