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Planet LeBron is a figment of your imagination

Hey, remember that house with the beachfront and the gym in the bedroom and the tennis court for the guest house that LeBron James was going to buy?

Yeah, not so much.

Ira Winderman (our boy) has checked with the owner of the house that he was supposedly buying and he says no-go.

`There’s been no contact between me and him,’' Potamkin told The Miami Herald. ``I went through a divorce and put the home on the market about a year and a half ago, and delisted it about four months ago.’'

So that’s too bad. It’s not every day that we get to mock a guy for spending $49 million on a house.

You know what? In the spirit of our original post, let’s do a little rundown of other things LeBron could buy with that money.

A mountain covered in icepicks to stab the citizens of Cleveland in the heart with.

A waterslide that he can slide down vintage Bordeaux wine.

The moon.

Ireland. You know. For his heritage.

His own 3D ride at the Magic Kingdom.

Kazakhstan, the only place he may not be hated at this point.