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Report: Beyonce considering buying a share of the Rockets

Celebs At Knicks v Rockets Game

NEW YORK - JANUARY 08: Singer Beyonce and Jay Z are seen at the New York Knicks v Rockets game at Madison Square Garden on January 08, 2004 in New York. (Photo by Ray Amati/Getty Images)

Getty Images

Leslie Alexander is selling the Rockets.

To whom?

Maybe, partially, Beyonce.

Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg:

Pop superstar Beyonce, a Houston native, is mulling an investment in the National Basketball Association’s Rockets, according to people familiar with the matter.

In a rule that interestingly stems from her husband – Jay Z, who previously owned a small share of the Nets – teams can no longer sell less than 1% stakes.

Forbes valued the Rockets at $1.65 billion and Beyonce at $350 million. So, unlike many celebrities rumored to buying teams, this is actually viable. She could afford a $16.5 million 1% share.

She’ll obviously need to join a group led by a wealthier buyer. But it shouldn’t be too hard to find billionaires who want to associate with her celebrity.

The NBA will certainly monitor situation closely, as it does, considering Jay Z now oversees an agency. I’m not sure what steps will be necessary to avoid a conflict of interest or appearance of one, but that might be the biggest obstacle if Beyonce wants to get involved.