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Report: Rob Hennigan took photo of Magic whiteboard that became public

Orlando Magic fire head coach Jacque Vaughn

Orlando Magic fire head coach Jacque Vaughn

TNS via Getty Images

Patricio Garino’s agent tweeted a photo of Garino signing a contract with the Magic. The problem: The photo also included of a whiteboard in the background of the Orlando office that appeared to show players the team was targeting.

That incident embarrassed the Magic, including now-fired general manager Rob Hennigan, but perhaps we didn’t realize how deeply.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Near the end of the season, Hennigan inadvertently took a photo of the Magic’s internal plans on a white board while snapping a photo of a player signing a contract. Once that photo was posted on social media – and the fallout from the information made public began to hit the franchise – Hennigan had to suffer one more indignity on the job.

Nevertheless, the Magic had already decided to dismiss Hennigan, league sources said, and the instance had no ultimate bearing on his future.

Just because the agent posted the photo doesn’t mean he took it. Did Hennigan actually click the button? That’d be a stunning aggravating factor in what was already a blunder. But I wonder whether Wojnarowski is just confusing the details. He doesn’t cite anyone, anonymous or otherwise, on this aspect of the story.

Even if Hennigan didn’t take the photo himself, he never should have allowed a player or an agent into a room with that kind of information. The question isn’t whether Hennigan should look bad in this, but just how bad.